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  • Product Strategy

    Our sweet spot is partnering and collaborating with our clients to identify new opportunities and uncover the gaps that are currently existing in their customers experience with their brand.

  • Usability Testing & Research

    We love learning more about users, application usability issues, or trying to identify opportunities to smooth a website's user experience. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative research methods to discover project needs.

  • Information Architecture

    We're experts in IA! Some of the most important website work is making sure that the content is organized correctly so that user's can find what they need to find, or perform a task that is important to them, without having to wade through unneccessary content.

  • Interaction Design

    Something that is usually missed by other agencies, is an incredibly important piece of the user experience. We focus on those simple interactions that bring a UI to that next level, but also makes a site much more usable.

  • Visual Design

    More than just a pretty layer on top of the IA. A good visual design direction is a communication tool that gives credibility to the UI, gives a stronger perception of usability, and simply looks beautiful.

  • UI Development & Engineering

    Our front-end development and engineering is top notch! Our engineers work with custom applications based on Rails, .Net, PHP and Java. While our front-end developers can create simple WordPress, Drupal, or static HTML sites.

We've worked with both startups and Fortune 100 companies, across small and large budgets to create scalable, digital solutions that work.

We practice responsible, responsive design

Anyone can mock up PSD's in multiple sizes. Practicing responsible, responsive design takes a team who knows how to identify the priority of your content and the underlying technology to truly understand how it will affect your user's experience across multiple devices.

"Jon has always advocated making sure that the user experience is as good as the technology laying the foundation to the application. Because of this I've always been glad to work with him on transforming applications into devices that our customers will be delighted to use."

Colin Miller
Senior Software Developer

News & Articles

Flexible Documentation: Content Modeling

Content modeling and prototyping are invaluable tools to the software design and development process. Having a solid grasp of your content and testing your concept are necessary steps in most every web project. But there’s a lot of rework happening in that transition from research, information architecture to prototyping. Let’s see what we can do to upgrade our documentation in this process and be a little more efficient with our time.

Prototyping Collision Detection with the d3 JavaScript Library

Data visualization helps user digest and consume large data sets much easier than parsing through a traditional data table list. There are many great visualization methods to explore with the Data-Driven Documentation, or better know as the d3 javascript library. This is my first attempt to working with the library.

Russ Unger of Chicago Camps talks with 2014 Prototype Camp speaker Jon Hadden

I had the humbling opportunity to talk with Russ Unger of Chicago Camps about my upcoming presentation at Prototype Camp titled “Communication with Flexible Documentation.”

StarTribune’s On The Job Series Interviews Jon Hadden About Being A UX Designer

The StarTribune interviewed me about what it means to be a user-experience designer and my career.

Jon Hadden Featured on Tech(dot)MN’s Know This Nerd Section


A Team & Project Blueprint for Crafting Great Web Experiences

Designing a usable, valuable, simple experience for the web is hard. But if you know what your team and project needs are right from the beginning, you can make informed decisions about how to handle any situation you are presented with.