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January, 2015

  • Flexible Documentation: Content Modeling

    Content modeling and prototyping are invaluable tools to the software design and development process. Having a solid grasp of your content and testing your concept are necessary steps in most every web project. But there's a lot of rework happening in that transition from research, information architecture to prototyping. Let's see what we can do to upgrade our documentation in this process and be a little more efficient with our time.

August, 2014

  • Prototyping Collision Detection with the d3 JavaScript Library

    Data visualization helps user digest and consume large data sets much easier than parsing through a traditional data table list. There are many great visualization methods to explore with the Data-Driven Documentation, or better know as the d3 javascript library. This is my first attempt to working with the library.

July, 2014

June, 2014

February, 2013

  • Nice Lean UX & Agile Development Process

    A combination of a leaner user experience design and agile development process approach to our projects, affords us the flexibility to define the project, rapidly design, prototype in actual code, test, iterate and release much faster than the traditional method most companies use today.

July, 2012

  • 10 Basics of Web SEO

    Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, seems like an elusive goal only reachable by websites that have large funding and can hire an 'SEO expert.' Fortunately, your developer is an SEO expert, if she knows where to look for the right information.

  • Notes on Cognitive Load, Velocity, and Usability

    Understanding the implications of your design decisions from a cognitive science perspective, is essential to being able to design a usable product.

March, 2012

  • View Full Website Is A Cop-out

    Designing for mobile web doesn't mean to strip down features or limit content. In fact mobile users want just as much functionality and content as desktop users.

  • Measuring ROI of User-Centered Design

    User-centered design is still a new practice. The anxiety of spending more up front can seem risky to clients who have been tainted by the high costs of maintaining and fixing usability issues in a product's design. The UX community is still in sales mode. Justifying the up-front cost of a user-centered process.

  • Selling UX with a Cross-Functional Design Process

    An effective product design process, much like a usable website, removes the friction from getting in the way of the final goal, creating a great product that not only is usable and valuable to it's audience, but receives buy-in from every member of the team.

  • Adding Friends To A Facebook Event Sucks

    It's rather obvious Facebook did not design around the actual content that would fit into their events "Add Guests" dialog box. Here's a few things I've noticed that make it not usable and frustrating to use.

  • Saul Bass: Making Money vs. Quality Work

    I originally saw this video on Frank Chimero's blog, but it absolutely rings true to how I feel about design.

February, 2012

January, 2012