Prototyping Collision Detection with the d3 JavaScript Library

Data visualization helps user digest and consume large data sets much easier than parsing through a traditional data table list. There are many great visualization methods to explore with the Data-Driven Documentation, or better know as the d3 javascript library. This is my first attempt to working with the library.

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While playing around and learning about the heavy data visualization Data-Driven Documentation javascript library, also know as d3 created by Mike Bostock. I modified an existing collision detection example and will continue to evolve this prototype.

It’s incredibly javascript heavy, and by heavy i mean that’s all you write, but the power lies within the manipulation and control of the physics of UI elements displayed in the DOM. For a very basic example like collision detection, the designer/developer can the gravity between elements and how much charge an event applies to the UI elements.

If you’re confused, just trust me that it’s really, fricking sweet.

"Yahoo! Purple" Collision Detection Demo